• We’re all in this to build cool technologies and services that are spectacularly financially successful.


    And we are all fighting common enemies — namely mediocrity and failure. In this fight, do you want colleagues sweating with you in the trenches? Because we aren't just a monthly board member or a mentor.


    Traditional VCs provide people connections and monthly board advice, but are time prohibited from providing more.


    Incubators provide classes, mentors, and infrastructure, but play a numbers game, making many bets to find a winner at long odds.


    We change the odds. We invest, we join the team, and we work together. We work with only 1 to 2 companies per person. And our experience has been that we transform a 20% chance of success into a 75% chance.

  • Team

    Ashok Jain

    Serial successful founder/investor​​

    • Co-Founder NEXGEN (IPO/Sold to AMD
    • Founder Internet Devices (Sold to Alcatel
    • Early investor Jareva Technologies (Sold to Veritas)
    • Founder IP Video Systems (Sold to Barco)

    Sean Foote

    VC, Professor, Founder​

    • VC Labrador Ventures (investors in Hotmail, Pandora, RocketFuel)
    • Professor (VC & PE) UC Berkeley- Haas School of Business

    • Co-founder Village Capital, Toniic

    • Manager BCG, Engineer AT&T Bell Labs

  • Our Fund

    Much of our fund is our money, which means we work hard for the success of our investments.


    We also have outside investors, many of whom are interested in working with companies the same way we do.


    Our fund is structured much like a venture fund, with a 2% management fee and 20% carried interest.


    But there is one difference – the more our investors help us and help our companies, the bigger their slice of the profit pie becomes.


    Structure drives behavior, and our structure is solely directed towards building successful companies.

  • Portfolio

    Cool Technology Investments

  • Close Partners That Help Us And Our Investments

  • News

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    Ashok Jain




    Sean Foote